Multimedia Framework


The internet is a vast space of information but tragically not all of it is correct and when that clashes with the confusing flurry of technical wonders that is Kha, things tend to get a little confusing. Here we collect corrections for typical misunderstandings, usage errors and widespread misinformation about Kha.

Limes and other fruits

This originates in a Kha introduction video by gamesfromscratch. It is a fine video but sadly not all of it is correct. Most importantly, there is no Lime in Kha. In fact both projects are completely unrelated.

haxelib git

Don't do that, trying to use Kha via haxelib will only cause trouble. Please use git manually.

I installed Haxe version x.y.

Support requests often start with a line like that. It's irrelevant, Kha includes its own version of Haxe and completely ignores your Haxe installation.